Why Apple Products are very Expensive ? Actual Production Cost of Apple

Today, Billions of People are using apple products. a large number of people out there thinks that apple is an overhyped Brand and overpriced brand. And apple users – people who will pay anything to own that logo in mindless staunchness and act as a sales representative.

While this is of course, not completely true, the steep pricing and luxury image of Apple products do not avail matters here.

Most of the people that nitpick on Apple feel inclined to do so because everyone’s doing it. Some others however, make sensible argument. And Price is a valid point. The Original iPhone cost a mind boggling Rs 36,000 (approx.) in 2007. “What the hell” right? Anyways the Original iPhone was quite literally a first of it’s kind.

A plenarily touch interface in a sleek incipient design. Smartphones in general were making an astronomically immense leap forward and Apple was at the front terminus of that Revolution. So let’s postulate for a moment that their sales were justified then.

Apple Brand

In these days apple logo is the symbol of rich background. The logo of an company is the symbol of representation of years. The logo of any brand work many years to building it. besides, Apple products helds many events and workshop at iconic apple stores to ensure customer loyalty.

Don’t forget that how long lasting apple products are. I present two apple events. first, this year update which was released for even the iphone 5s. The iphone 5s was released 7 years back. so, at least 6 years of support for most apple devices. again the iphone 6 looks very amazing and feels excellent.

most of the people don’t know that it has only 1 gb of ram. there are thousands of apple die-hard fans who have used apple quality products, attention to very last product and software experience. something most other companies take for granted, that’s why it’s worth extra cost.

Apple Ecosystem

There are wide range of products that fruit company offers. their all products are able to achieve an amazing cross platform experience.

Apple featured you to being taking notes on your iphone or picking up your ipad or macBook and other. apple airdrop allows you to share files across all apple devices without the need of third party applications.

MAC OS continuously working of iOS platform. and Soon MAC oS support iOS applications. The apple watch integrates do well with iPhone – sharing your cellular plan and allowing new interactions. The actual production cost of an iPhone is 60% less then its market price. Now you can think that how much apple earn nowdays.

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