What is Visual Basic? Programming Fundaments and Visual Basic Applications

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Visual Basic, Programming is event-driven and object-oriented. In c, the unit of programming is the function, but in visual basic, the unit of object-oriented programming is the class from which objects are instantiated. Methods are Visual Basic Functions that are encapsulated with the data they process within the classes.

We can create our own user-defined types called classes in VB. Classes are also referred to as Programmer-defined types. Each class contains data as well as the set of methods that manipulate that data. the data components of a class are called instance variables.

Just as an instance of a built-in type such as an integer is called a Variable, an instance of a class is called an object. The focus of attention in Object-oriented programming with visual basic is on classes rather than methods.

The major Features of OOP are :

  1. Objects
  2. Classes
  3. Inheritance
  4. Polymorphism
  5. Late Binding

Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a programming language that is used to develop very impressive window-based applications. Most of the syntax of this language is based on the bASIC language.

visual basic have lots of useful functions and controls which make it a powerful development environment suitable for windows application. Visual Basic is a tool for enterprise-wide applications and solutions, with internet programming and object-oriented programming.

for creating VB applications, you will need to know components. The common components are form, controls, classes and procedures, and functions.

Visual Basic Applications

Forms are the windows on which you can build a user interface and controls are the building blocks of the user interface, controls, it is also called ActiveX controls are interface tools like labels, text boxes, and Command buttons, which you use to display information to the user, collect information from the user and respond back to user action.

Classes are templates from which own objects are created at the run-time and the reusable class modules are used in organizing application into small components and are used to develop a complete application.

all these routine performs a function for you, it is written once and can be called many times. An event is an important concept of any windows programming language. an event occurs in response to user interaction with the keyboard or the mouse. An event is a message which the opening system sends to your application.

When you will work with visual basic, you will come to know that there is a hierarchy of the components, you are working with. A VB application is made of forms, Modules, and classes, whereas a form is made of properties, procedures, events, and controls. Controls are also made of properties and events.

Events of Visual Basic

Visual Basic has a variety of features. VB programming environment offers all type of features which are required to develop a complete graphical user interface.

The following are the common and important features of the visual basic :

  1. VB includes a GUI (graphic user interface) development environment to develop a windows application.
  2. It offers the ability to develop and test applications using an interpretive function.
  3. VB is a rapid application development (RAD) environment.
  4. It allows the creation of COM components such as active controls and eXEs.
  5. There are many internet development features, which includes the following :
  • activeX documents
  • DHTML Application, which helps you to test the browser applications.
  • Web Browser control.
  • FTP//HTTP supports through a custom control.

6. VB has an excellent integrated through a custom control.

7. VB has very good debugging facilities.

8. VB has so many wizards, which can help you to automate repetitive task.

9. VB uses many database access methods to get at different types of data.

Advantages of Visual Basic

visual Basic provides many advantages in comparison to other programming languages. they are the following :

  1. This total windows based environment.
  2. VB has shorter learning and development time than C/C++ and Delphi.
  3. It removes the complexities of the windows API.
  4. it allows rapid application development.
  5. VB is excellent for different types of business applications.
  6. It allows the creating of active X controls.
  7. It allows you to reuse third-party controls and components.
  8. VB offers various wizards that help you learn the language as well as to enhance your productivity.
  9. VB is object-oriented in nature.
  10. vB can create ActiveX automation servers.
  11. It can integrate with the internet on both the server-side and the client-side.
  12. vB also integrates with the Microsoft transaction server.
  13. visual basic provides continued support for new developers.

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