What is Temporary Junk and how to remove it?

The longer you use the computer, the more files will come to the computer which is likely not useful and slow down the computer. And because of that the cleaning of the computer is very important and to improve the speed and the performance of the computer. And for that, we should know what is trash and how we can remove it.


Junk files are those files that are of no use for your computer and living inside the computer. And the worst thing is you don’t even know that they are slowing the speed of the computer.  On a daily basis, everyone uses the computer and visits different websites and those websites leave temporary files inside the computer in the form of cache, cookies and temporary junk.

Now the question is if you have to remove the temporary files on your own. How will you be able to do that. You will do it so easily just by following these steps and you will see the results are great:-

1. Cleanmgr:-  To perform this step there are two ways which you can easily use.

First is here:- Press the Windows icon on the left-hand corner of the screen. You will get the magnifying glass and there you can type cleanmgr and the top result is going to be Disk cleanup and another option is to search for Run window in magnifying glass or Press and hold the windows key down and do one single click on the letter R and you will get the run window. Type cleanmgr in the Run window and hit okay.

Select your drive and hit okay. And this is going to be your next window

Select all those temporary files option like temporary internet files, offline webpages, directx shader cache, delivery optimization files, mixed delivery, Recycle bin , temporary files, thumbnails etc. and cleanup the junk from cleanmgr.

You have to click okay here which is on the top of this photo and confirm delete on the next screen.


CCLEANER:- Ccleaner is one of the best tools to remove the junk files of the computer.So i will recommend to use ccleaner. So it is recommended to have this software in the computer. But make sure you double check the check marked options on the ccleaner.

If you need more support and features like file recovery and defragmentation, You need to buy ccleaner pro.


  1. Remove unwanted Windows features like the programs which are of no use. And you have them on your computer for no reason.

Uninstall them using Ccleaner

click on tools first and select uninstall.

Highlight the program which you want to remove select uninstall or remove from the options and click remove.

2. Hold the windows key down and Hit the letter R. You will get the Run window.

In run window type APPWIZ.CPL and hit okay.

Next screen will come up with the installed programs inside the computer 

From where you can select the programs which are of no use and uninstall them.

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