What is a Web Browser and Basic Features of Browsers?

The purpose of a web browser is to show you web pages. but once a web page is visible, you may want to search it for a word or phrase, edit it as an HTML composing program, print it, view pages built with Hypertext Markup Language. They interpret those pages and display them on your computer. they interpret those pages and material created with programming languages such as java and active x and scripting languages such as javascript.

sometimes, home pages contain links to files that the web browser cannot play or display, such as sound or animation files. in that case, you will need a plugin or a helper application.

you configure your web browser to use the helper application or plug-in whenever it encounters a sound or animation file that the browser cannot run or play. over the years, web browsers have become increasingly sophisticated. they have become full-blown software suites that can do everything from video-conferencing to letting you create and publish HTML pages.

they have also begun to blur the line between your local computer and the internet in essence, they can make your computer and the internet function as a single system. to facilitate the usage of computers over the internet, Microsoft has integrated web browsing and the internet directly into the operating system.

for example, with internet explorer 4.0. and above and with windows 98, the windows desktop can be HTML based. this means web links can be directly embedded into the desktop.

so, you can have links to your favorite web pages right on the desktop. and even applications such as word processors now have web capabilities bust into them – such as being able to browse the web or build home pages. even more significantly, using technology that Microsoft calls active desktop, internet-based desktop components can live on the desktop. these components can be things such as stock tickers, which deliver live web content directly to the desktop.

you don’t need to fire up your web browser to get the information. it’s delivered straight to your windows desktop without your having to do anything. both Microsoft and Netscape have also built entire suites of software around their browsers. Netscape for example, calls its suite Netscape communicator.

web browsers consist of software that runs on your computer and displays home pages on the web browser, there are clients for PC. macintosh and UNIX computers. a web browser displays information on your computer, by interpreting the hypertext markup language (HTML) that is used to build home pages on the web. home pages usually display graphics, sound, and multimedia files as well as links to other pages, files that can be downloaded, and other internet resources.

Basic Features of Browsers

Before we get involved in all the details, let us discuss some important broser features.

  1. The web browser should be able to look at the web pages throughout the internet or to connect to various sites to access information, explore resources, and have fun.
  2. the web browser must enable you to follow the hyperlinks on a web page and also to type in a URL for it to follow.
  3. another feature of the browser is to have a number of other commands readily available through menus, icons, and buttons.
  4. your browser ought to include an easy way to get on-line help as well as built-in links to other resources on the web that can give you help or answers to your questions.
  5. the web browser should be able to handle text, images of the world wide web, as well as hyperlinks to digital video or other types of information.

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