Way to Open Windows 10 elevated command prompt

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The Windows Command Prompt is an application that enables you to execute programs, change settings, and access documents by composing commands into the window. The Command Prompt is usually utilized by directors and power clients to rapidly type commands or execute contents that play out various activities on the double.

When you open the Command Prompt in Windows 10 you will most likely execute commands under the security level of the signed-in client. Because of this, when you attempt to access records or issue commands that require managerial benefits, you won’t almost certainly do as such. It is consequently, that we should probably open what is called a Raised Command Prompt, which is a Command Prompt that enables you to access documents and programs as a Manager of the machine.

And to open an Elevated Command Prompt, we need to follow an additional step.

First, click on the Start Menu and type cmd into the search option and when the Command Prompt search result is up, right-click on it and select Run as administrator and run it.

Command Prompt

When you select Run as administrator a User Account Control prompt will show up inquiring as to whether you might want to permit the Command Prompt to have the option to make changes on your PC.

Click on the Yes catch and a Windows 10 Raised Command Prompt will be opened. You can tell that a Command Prompt is running with Raised benefits on the screen that the Windows title will state “Administrator: Command Prompt”

And note that the Elevated Command Prompt starts in the Windows System32, for example, C:\Windows\System30\, folder rather than the User Profile. As this is an important folder, I suggest that you change to your user profile folder before performing any commands. To do this, type cd %userprofile% and then press the enter key on your keyboard.

In this Elevated Command Prompt, you would now be able to dispatch programs or access documents that require Administrative benefits.

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