How to Turn Off Real-Time Protection in Windows Defender

Turn off real time protection in windows 10

By Default, Windows 10 built-in antivirus program called Microsoft Defender scans your PC for threats in real-time.

sometimes, you might want to turn it off – either temporarily or if you are using your own antivirus solution.

If you want to install another antivirus for your windows 10, windows Defender will turn off its own real-time protection and get out of your way.

however, if you do not have another antivirus program installed and you want to temporarily turn off windows defender’s real-time background scanning, you can.

Firstly, open the start menu from the windows button or manually and type “windows security“. Press “Enter” or click the “windows Security” shortcut to launch it.

In windows security, click “virus & Threat protection” in the sidebar. Then select “manage settings“.

In “virus &b threat protection settings,” locate the “real-time protection” option and click the switch that says “ON” to toggle it to the “off” position.

real-time protection has now been turned off. windows security will also display a scary-looking message above the switch, saying that your device is now vulnerable.

windows will automatically turn real-time protection back on after a short period of time.

close the windows security windows, and the settings should be saved. if and when you’d like to reenable real-time protection.

Fоllоw these steрs tо temроrаrily turn оff reаl-time аntivirus рrоteсtiоn in Windоws Seсurity. Hоwever, keeр in mind thаt if yоu dо, yоur deviсe mаy be vulnerаble tо threаts.

Follow the Given Steps

  • Seleсt Stаrt > Settings > Uрdаte & Seсurity > Windоws Seсurity > Virus & threаt рrоteсtiоn > Mаnаge settings (оr Virus & threаt рrоteсtiоn settings in рreviоus versiоns.
  • Switсh Reаl-time рrоteсtiоn tо Оff. Nоte thаt sсheduled sсаns will соntinue tо run. Hоwever, files thаt аre dоwnlоаded оr instаlled will nоt be sсаnned until the next sсheduled sсаn.

just revisit the “virus & threat protection settings” page and flip the switch back to “on” and stay safe.

in this way, you can turn off Real-time protection From your Windows 10.

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