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How to Properly Format a Hard Drive on Windows 10

If you want to completely format your hard disk drive or if you have a new hard drive, it is essential to format to prepare hard drive for use. in many conditions in which you have to format hard disk drive. we will show you how to format hard disk. on window 10, when connecting a new internal or external hard drive, it’s very important to spend time to format the hard disk before storing files. you have to do this to check that your new hard drive is free of malware and it is empty. It is very important to format the storage to ensure that the hard disk drive using the proper setting to avoid compatibility problems. Window 10 includes many methods to format a hard disk drive but disk management is the best option for most users. How to Format Window 10 Hard Drive Using “Disk Management” When you are using a hard drive that have already a partition, you can format the subsisting partition to delete its files and commence with an immaculate storage. To format… Read More »How to Properly Format a Hard Drive on Windows 10

How to Create a Full Backup of Window 10 PC ? Creating Image Backup File in Windows 10 using Inbuilt Tool

Taking full backup is a critical situation to safeguard you installed programs and files. We will show you the instructions to create the Window 10 System Image to complete this task. Backup is the best method to safe guard your files, songs, videos or other data. If you have created a backup you can freely use your computer against malware attacks that can corrupt your computer files. If you don’t create backup regularly, you will be putting your PC at high risk. In Window 10. there are many ways to create Window System Image Backup. Generally, backup copying all your computer files to external storage which store files in Cloud Storage Services like Dropbox, OneDrive etc. If you don’t want to install third-party application, you can always create a full backup image using the Window Built-in legacy method Window Backup Tool. A system Image is another way to refer to a “Full Backup” . Normally, you will find tool in the Computer settings. In this Window 10 Guide, we’ll discuss the steps to create a full backup of your Window… Read More »How to Create a Full Backup of Window 10 PC ? Creating Image Backup File in Windows 10 using Inbuilt Tool

How to Create a Desktop for Locking your Window 10 Pc

There are many ways to Lock your Window 10 PC like Ctrl + L shortcut key. But If your Window Key is broken or damaged but you still want to quick lock your PC then follow the Given Steps : Firstly, Right-Click anywhere on Desktop and a popup menu appear, Click on the New button and now a sub-menu appears, select the Shortcut button. Once you selected the Shortcut , a new window will appears. In the “Type The Location Of The Item” type the given code and Click on the Next button. Rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation Note: You can lock your Windows 10 PC using Command Prompt or the Run by utilizing this same command. Next, give your developing shortcut a designation. Type in a denomination that complements its functionality so that you wil precisely what it does. Type the designation in the box under “Type A Denomination For This Shortcut.” Once its get ready , click on the “Finished” button. Our Recents Posts : Our Social Media Platforms: Like us on Facebook: Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter… Read More »How to Create a Desktop for Locking your Window 10 Pc

Window 10 New Tips and Tricks – Window 10 Hacks of 2020

Increase Page File Size You can increase size of the paging file, it can also increase your computer performance. Page File is a hidden file in Window Operating System which uses Ram (memory) in the Hard disk drive. It acts as an overflow memory that holds the data for currently running applications running on your computer. To speed up your computer using the Page File in Window 10, then follow the Given Steps : Open Settings from the Start Menu. Click on the System. Click on About. On the Right-Side of the Window, Under the Related Settings Click on the “System Info” option. 5. On the Left-Side, Click on the Advanced System Settings . 6. Go to Advanced tab. In the Performance Section Click on the Settings. 7. Click on the Advanced tab, In the Virtual Memory section click on the Change button. 8. Untick the Automatically manage paging files size for all drives option. Click on the Custom Size button. Designate the initial and maximum size for the paging file in megabytes. Note:- Customarily, it’s recommended to utilize a number… Read More »Window 10 New Tips and Tricks – Window 10 Hacks of 2020

8 Hidden Features in Window 10 which you have to know

Most of the people are using Windows 10 in their PCs. So we discovered some hidden features in Windows 10 which can be used in your daily life. Window 10 is an amazing OS that includes an extensive array of features, some of which you have to turn on or off as needed. These are known as “optional features,” and they’re available through the “Windows Features” page in Control Panel. Those People who want to use these feature Instead of Older version of Windows, they can upgrade their Windows to the Latest version of Windows. We didn’t install any third party feature in this list. All the feature in our list are Inbuilt by the Microsoft Corporations. The 8 Hidden features Of Window 10 are Given Below :- 1. Access a Start Menu for Power Users Every One knows that Window 10 has a Start menu but Window 10 has also a hidden Start Menu. The Hidden Start menu of the Window 10 contains many useful tools for Window Power Users. The Hidden tools contains task manager, command prompt, device and disk… Read More »8 Hidden Features in Window 10 which you have to know

Top 5 Free Antiviruses Programs For PC in 2020

There are many Free antiviruses available in Market Today, But Free Antivirus are not better than paid software because they don’t have much ability to improve the Computer Performance. Some of the Antivirus program Companies provide free trial of premium Software for 1 month ( like Quick Heal Antivirus ). Looking for the Best Free Antivirus for PC, Avira is the Best Choice. Because it is one of the Free antivirus Software which provide us some premium Features like Internet Protection (Good Bye to Scammers, Hackers and Slow devices Total Solution) and many other Features are available in this Software. The main Feature of a Free Antivirus is that it is free of Cost and It is capable of scanning Malware, Trojans and also often have option of Automatic Scan. We have Compiled some of the Best Free antivirus for PC and these antivirus are Optimized. If you work online in Internet then an antivirus is recommended for you. So, If you need free Protection for your Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, Here are the best antivirus for… Read More »Top 5 Free Antiviruses Programs For PC in 2020

How to Create a Bootable USB of Window Files in Window 10

When your PC getting slow or have another problem like viruses, Window Corrupt etc . This is because your Computer contains a lot of Virus or unwanted window files. Most of the People do not able to these type of Problems because they aren’t Professional. Many of the people decide to reinstall the Windows. When it comes to install a clean copy of Windows, you need a USB drive to proceed the “Windows Setup” wizard. There are many Software to make a bootable USB in Windows 10 but I use only two tools. One of the tools is Official tool from Microsoft Corporation and Other is Rufus. The Tools from the Microsoft Corporation is Media Creatiolyn Tool. It is a Utility Software which is developed by the Microsoft. With this Software You Can Create ISO files and also download Window Files. Both of these tools supports legacy BIOS and UEFI. How to Create Window 10 UEFI BOOT Using the Media Creation Tool How to Create Window 10 UEFI BOOT Using the Rufus How to Create Window 10 UEFI BOOT Using… Read More »How to Create a Bootable USB of Window Files in Window 10