How to increase the virtual memory of the windows 10

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Your PC has two sorts of memory, Random Access Memory (RAM) and Virtual Memory. All APPLICATIONS use RAM, however when there isn’t sufficient RAM for the program you’re attempting to run, Windows briefly moves data that would ordinarily be put away in RAM to a record on your hard plate called a Paging Document. The measure of data briefly put away in a paging document is additionally alluded to as virtual memory. Utilizing virtual memory, as such, moving data to and from the paging record, opens up enough Smash for projects to run accurately. When more RAM is available means the computer is more fast and if the computer is slow because of the RAM then you have to increase the virtual memory to increase the speed of the computer. However your computer work way more faster when you have RAM good and the machine will read the programs so easily and quickly than from hard disk. So for the permanent solution try to use the Ram. If you will receive or if you are receiving any error message that… Read More »How to increase the virtual memory of the windows 10