How to Repair and Restore Windows 10

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Windows Restarting again and again perhaps won’t start or maybe boot again and again. And you need your computer don’t worry, we have a solution for you. 1. HOW TO START WINDOWS STARTUP REPAIR:- Goto to the windows 10 Advanced Startup Options menu. There are so many ways to get to these options on windows 10. But we are talking specifically when the computer is not restarting and we have to perform startup repair. You have to hold down the SHIFT KEY and restart the computer. Once the computer is booted and you have the options. Select Troubleshoot  And then you click Advanced options Click STARTUP REPAIR. Now windows to take anywhere from minutes to around an hour in the attempt of fixing problems. It might not be able to perform. If you don’t actually have a startup problem. It will still fix the problem 2.WINDOWS RESTORE  POINT:- Restart windows holding the SHIFT KEY from your keyboard. Click SYSTEM RESTORE The computer will reboot automatically’ Select the username. Enter the password. Choose a restore point from the Option and follow the prompts. If you do not have any… Read More »How to Repair and Restore Windows 10