What is Temporary Junk and how to remove it?

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The longer you use the computer, the more files will come to the computer which is likely not useful and slow down the computer. And because of that the cleaning of the computer is very important and to improve the speed and the performance of the computer. And for that, we should know what is trash and how we can remove it. HOW IS IT HELPFUL REMOVE JUNK FROM COMPUTER:- Junk files are those files that are of no use for your computer and living inside the computer. And the worst thing is you don’t even know that they are slowing the speed of the computer. ¬†On a daily basis, everyone uses the computer and visits different websites and those websites leave temporary files inside the computer in the form of cache, cookies and temporary junk. Now the question is if you have to remove the temporary files on your own. How will you be able to do that. You will do it so easily just by following these steps and you will see the results are great:- 1. Cleanmgr:-… Read More »What is Temporary Junk and how to remove it?