4 Common Computer Problems and How to Fix Them

There are many computer problems that occur in our daily life but every time You don’t have to go to the repair shop your PC ends up with an issue. I find out Some solutions to fix these common problems. many of these problems have simple solutions. PC HEATING A heating PC decelerates the whole system and leads to frequent crashes. Supplementally, PC components may adscititiously get sempiternally damaged due to constant exposure to heat. there are two main reason for PC heating and these two reasons are:- Either the cooling system is not working properly or the pC is heating relevant your cooling system cannot handle it anymore. Disfunctional USB Port many times your PC USB ports stopping working, this problem is faced by many people these days. this problem is caused due to broken USB ports. Below are some methods that you can fix this issue : Method 1 : Restart Your PC Restarting the PC is the answer to many quandaries, and it is a mundane solution to the USB port quandary as well. Method 2 :… Read More »4 Common Computer Problems and How to Fix Them

Difference between Mac and Windows Computers

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Macintosh and Windows are two diverse PC frameworks, and they keep running on various working frameworks. A Macintosh PC keeps running on a Unix-based working framework that is planned and sold by Apple. The working framework being utilized as of now for Macintoshes is Macintosh operating system X, and it is planned around the realistic interface. The Windows-put together PCs work with respect to various working frameworks which are made by Microsoft, and a portion of these are Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. These Windows-based working frameworks can be utilized on an assortment of PCs which are generally utilized. Macintosh PCs have a worked in security framework and are less inclined to assaults by infections the vast majority of which originate from the Web. Macintosh operating system X was planned with security as the top need, and this was effectively accomplished. PCs running on Windows don’t accompany their own security, and one needs to buy antivirus programming for insurance against infections which must be refreshed regularly to guarantee that they can deal with the most recent infection dangers.… Read More »Difference between Mac and Windows Computers