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Which Graphics Card is Best ? Nvidia vs Intel vs Amd !!

About NVIDIA Corporations NVIDIA was discovered in 1993 by JENSEN HUANG ,CHRIS MALACHOWSKY , AND CURTIS PRIEM. In 1999, NVIDIA started the growth of Pc Gaming Market. Basically NVIDIA is famous for its Graphics Cards or GPU. But NVIDIA Corporations focuses on Personal Computer Graphics, Graphics processing unit and also on Artificial Intelligence(AI). NVIDIA processors mainly created four Marketing Platforms and These are Gaming, Professional Visualization, Data Center and Automotive. NVIDIA is very good for Gaming and Editing. Most of the Laptop brand use NVIDIA Graphics Card like Acer , Asus , Hp , Lenovo etc . In these days NVIDIA is very famous for its Powerful chipsets and its low power consumptions. NVIDIA provides low budget graphics cards. Its GPUs are also very low priced. NVIDIA chipsets increase your gaming experience upto 10x more ( due to its smoothness ). There are many GRAPHICS CARD brands available in the market ( like Intel and Amd). But NVIDIA Graphics Cards are made for this generation. It’s is little expensive than other graphics card. Many of the people also go for… Read More »Which Graphics Card is Best ? Nvidia vs Intel vs Amd !!