New Microsoft Edge and new features of it

Let me tell you one thing honestly I didn’t liked Microsoft edge before but now it works like dreamy browser. There are some updates and new ways to use it . You must know that so lets find out :- If you have not updated your Microsoft edge then click here to update it and get it on the best of it. Features and some easy use are as follows:- World Class Performance with a lot more privacy and a lot more value when you browse on edge. It is available on every device and automatically syncs your password, settings and favorites if you want it to do that for you. It allows you to browse smarter. You can choose you style in theme while setting it up. You can choose what you want to see in the welcome page of your Microsoft edge browser. It allows 4k browsing with so smooth way like on Netflix Dolby Audio and Dolby Vision. Privacy is respected in this browser. You can choose the privacy setting accordingly. And the best part is about… Read More »New Microsoft Edge and new features of it