kali linux is illegal or legal

Is Kali Linux is illegal in India ? ILLEGAL OR LEGAL

Kali linux is an operating system just like windows operating system used for learn hacking and practice penetration testing. This Operating system is maximum used by hackers. Hacker called kali linux paradise. Kali linux servers are maintained and funded by offensive security limited. Kali Linux operating system is legal and illegal also. when a white hat hacker uses kali linux, then it is legal . But when a black hat hacker use kali linus it is illegal. installing any operating system is legal, its depend on why you are using kali linux for. windows operating system is used for general purposes. kali linux has many security tools, the quantity of security tools is about 600. Kali linux is released on 13 march 2013. It is developed by Mati aharoni and Devon kearns. Windows operating system is used by normal people. Kali linux is distributed by linux operating system. Kali linux is very popular for only two reasons :- For the testing of security reasons on different equipments to hack anyone or spy on others. If Someone asks that Kali Linux… Read More »Is Kali Linux is illegal in India ? ILLEGAL OR LEGAL