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Window 10 New Tips and Tricks – Window 10 Hacks of 2020

Increase Page File Size You can increase size of the paging file, it can also increase your computer performance. Page File is a hidden file in Window Operating System which uses Ram (memory) in the Hard disk drive. It acts as an overflow memory that holds the data for currently running applications running on your computer. To speed up your computer using the Page File in Window 10, then follow the Given Steps : Open Settings from the Start Menu. Click on the System. Click on About. On the Right-Side of the Window, Under the Related Settings Click on the “System Info” option. 5. On the Left-Side, Click on the Advanced System Settings . 6. Go to Advanced tab. In the Performance Section Click on the Settings. 7. Click on the Advanced tab, In the Virtual Memory section click on the Change button. 8. Untick the Automatically manage paging files size for all drives option. Click on the Custom Size button. Designate the initial and maximum size for the paging file in megabytes. Note:- Customarily, it’s recommended to utilize a number… Read More »Window 10 New Tips and Tricks – Window 10 Hacks of 2020