Google vs Bing vs DuckDuckGo : Which is the Best Search Engine ?

In a web brower, choosing a search engine is the most difficult thing in a highly personal choice. many people were confused about which is the best search engine. it is very frustrated that if it does not provide the result we hope to find. as you know that, google is the most popular search engine. bing is a good search engine but now bing is playing catchup. duckDuckGo is trying a privacy-center approach in their search engine. People did not decide that which is the best search engine for their need. Let’s compare google, Bing and duckDuckGo and see which succeeds, where they fall behind the competition. Search Results of Different Search Engines The deciding factors for choosing an search engine is how accurate it is according to your hope. Let’s see how these three search engine perform. Asking a Question question :- “Who discovered airplane” GOOGLE As you see that Google showing very clear results. The Result the wright brothers showing on the top of the screen. it shows some other links to know more about it. It… Read More »Google vs Bing vs DuckDuckGo : Which is the Best Search Engine ?