When Computer is Not Recognizing your Password of Sign in windows 10

When you are trying to login windows 10 and your computer is not accepting your password even though you are typing the right password. There are reasons for that and you must know it if you want to login without the help of a software Technician. Check the Password Written:- First thing is to check the password that you have typed in it to make sure you are typing the right password. It’s because sometimes the keyboard writes differently than the actual word. so you must check the password you typed in it. 2. Switch Keyboard Layout Input:- A wrong keyboard format can result in an inability to type the characters needed for your password. In the event that you’ve set up multiple keyboard designs with your system, at that point make certain to choose the right keyboard format for composing the password. At the lower-right corner of the Windows 10 logon screen, there is a language button (e.g., ENG). Click here, and you will be permitted to change to the keyboard of your choice. Your password should now be… Read More »When Computer is Not Recognizing your Password of Sign in windows 10

How to connect WiFi in windows 10?

Like other things WiFi is also an important part of your computer and here is how you can connect your windows 10 computer with WiFi.  Windows 10 always looks for a working Web association, regardless of whether your PC connects to a cable or scans the wireless transmissions for a WiFi (remote) association. In the event that your PC finds a WiFi association that you’ve recently connected with, you’re set: Windows passes the news along to Microsoft Edge, and you’re prepared to visit the web. When you are out of home or even if you are in home and you want to connect your device with the WiFi connecting. You can easily do it using these following steps. Either you want to connect to internet while you are travelling for the first time.  CLICK THE START BUTTON AND CLICK SETTINGS FROM THE MAIN MENU. CLICK THE SETTINGS APPLICATION NETWORK AND INTERNET ICON  WHICH WILL OPEN TO SHOW YOUR AVAILABLE WIRELESS NETWORK. In the event that your PC can interface remotely, Windows records all the remote systems inside range, as appeared in the accompanying figure. Expect to see a few systems… Read More »How to connect WiFi in windows 10?