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How to Prevent File Copying Stuck at 5 seconds Remaining

In Window 10 there is a problem faced by many peoples, the problem is caused when the file is copying. Suddenly it stuck at 5 second. This problem is also faced by me when I tried to copy some files (about 4Gb) including some Documents, Images and Videos to a Pendrive. When I start the process it’s working good and as soon as the files are copying the speed went very slow and the file transferring stuck at 5 seconds remaining. I waited for About 20-30 minutes but the process still stuck at 5 second. I stopped the process and again I tried to copy files the message came out again that copying files stuck at 5 seconds. Why Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 copying files hangs ? Any solutions. The file transfer on Windows might be affected by Some factors like Infected Window files, performance of Usb Drive is slow, Usb ports, File size or Device Driver Problems. If any of one error is probematic then this error Caused in your PC. Fix 1. Use Another USB… Read More »How to Prevent File Copying Stuck at 5 seconds Remaining