How to open Windows (cmd)command prompt

The command prompt of the windows is the shell of the windows that are going to allow you command by typing in it and execute it easily and direct by clicking the ENTER ¬†on the keyboard. It is stemming from the Microsoft DOS operating system, the command prompt is continued to be available in windows and allows administrators and users to execute the command quickly that manipulate the windows and the file system. Method 1: Open from the Start Menu or Main Menu You can launch the window command prompt directly from the Start menu by typing cmd in the search or the magnifying glass on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. That will give you the results and from those results, the one on the top will appear as command prompt or cmd. It is available on every window including 7, 8, 10. And to open the command prompt simply click on the command prompt search result as shown up and the windows command prompt window will open. And when the command prompt is started you will be in your home… Read More »How to open Windows (cmd)command prompt