Windows Inbuilt Browsers and some Competitors

If I will talk about Windows 10 then Microsoft store and Internet explorer are inbuilt browsers in it. These browsers are good on few terms like fast in speed and use less memory than the memory hog chrome. But if someone wants to have good features, tons of flags and extensions, then I will definitely suggest google chrome. Microsoft Edge is also becoming a chromium-based browser so it is interesting to know that it will be improving the features and going to give great competition like chrome and firefox. Edge Browsers is a lot cleaner and responsive than Internet Explorer. Safer (Runs in Sand-Boxed Mode) – lesser chances for malware to attack your windows operating system Via Browser. Includes Microsoft Personal Virtual Assistant. (Cortana) Support the Annotation of webpages and offers built-in adobe flash player support. Integrated Reading mode to save you from unwanted Ads. These are certain pros of the Microsoft edge and there are some cons that are also in Microsoft edge. No proper extensions and cross-platform support yet on the edge. Slower in case of HTML 5… Read More »Windows Inbuilt Browsers and some Competitors