amazing features in window 10

8 Hidden Features in Window 10 which you have to know

Most of the people are using Windows 10 in their PCs. So we discovered some hidden features in Windows 10 which can be used in your daily life. Window 10¬†is an amazing OS that includes an extensive array of¬†features, some of which you have to turn on or off as needed. These are known as “optional features,” and they’re available through the “Windows Features” page in Control Panel. Those People who want to use these feature Instead of Older version of Windows, they can upgrade their Windows to the Latest version of Windows. We didn’t install any third party feature in this list. All the feature in our list are Inbuilt by the Microsoft Corporations. The 8 Hidden features Of Window 10 are Given Below :- 1. Access a Start Menu for Power Users Every One knows that Window 10 has a Start menu but Window 10 has also a hidden Start Menu. The Hidden Start menu of the Window 10 contains many useful tools for Window Power Users. The Hidden tools contains task manager, command prompt, device and disk… Read More »8 Hidden Features in Window 10 which you have to know