Some Important Terms Associated With Web Development


A set of rules governing how communications between two programs have to take place to be considered valid. It describes various ways of achieving and operating compatibility.

it is a standard way of communicating across a network. a protocol is the “language” of the network. a method by which two dissimilar systems can communicate. TCP is a protocol that runs over a network.

all these rules, also called protocols of conversation, represent different layers of protocols. they work together to help people successfully communicate. The need for protocols also applies to network devices. computers have no way of learning protocols, so network engineers have written rules for Communication that must be strictly followed for successful host-to-host communication.

these rules apply to different layers of sophistication such as which physical connections to use, how hosts listen, how to interrupt, how to say good-bye and in short how to communicate, what language to use, and many others. these rules or protocols, that work together to ensure successful communication are grouped into what is known as a protocol suite.

protocols can be implemented either in hardware or software or a mixture of both. typically, only the lower layers are implemented either in hardware with the higher layers being implemented in software.


hTTP (hyper text transfer protocol) is the set of rules for transferring files (text, graphic, images, sound, video, and other multimedia files) on the world wide web. As soon as a web user opens a web browser, the user is indirectly making use of HTTP. HTTP is a protocol that runs on top of the TCP/IP suite of protocols ( the foundation protocols for the internet).

HTTPS concepts include the idea that files can contain references to other files whose selection will elicit additional transfer requests. Any web server machine contains, in addition to the web page files it can serve, an HTTP daemon, a program that is designed to wait for HTTP requests and handle them when they arrive.

your web browser is an HTTP client, sending requests by either “opening” a web file indicated by the URL. the HTTP daemon in the destination server machine receives the request and sends back the requested file or files associated with the request.

world wide web

world wide web is an information initiative that aims to provide access to a large number of documents. it is a series of servers, which are interconnected through hypertext. Hypertext is a mode of presenting information in which a certain portion of the text is highlighted.

when this highlighted text is selected, it displays more information on a particular topic. these especially highlighted text items are called hyperlinks and through these hyperlinks, the users can make access from one document to another., hypermedia is an advanced version of so-called hypertext. it can link audio files, text files, video files etc

web adress

a web address is an address where a particular web site is located on a computer. Each computer on the internet is a host and has its unique address and name which identifies it.

a web address starts with the letters http. a web address may be in the form similar to the following :

HTTP is a hypertext transfer protocol. HTTP is followed by:// and after that www is written, which stands for world wide web. this www is followed by a dot (.).

in the above example, the letters Microsoft are the address of the computer to be linked with. the last three letters .com show the kind of organization. .com is used for commercial organizations.

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