How to Show Hidden Files and Folders in Window 10 and Previous Version of Windows

By default Microsoft Windows hide some important files and folders due to its security from you to prevent from accidentally deleting them. In Some condition, there are many conditions that we might to view those file directories and We have accidentally deleted many files which we want to recover.

This post gives the complete process of solutions which you are facing in your computer. This website does not contain any type of copy. It provides only original data

In the Partition C the hidden Appdata/Roaming folder holds tons of app setting files you might want to upgrade. Here these Steps are given Below :

Navigate to Control Panel : In Window 10 and Window 8.1 you can get directly by hitting Windows+X and select Control Panel. But In Windows 10 click on the start button or you can hit the Windows button from the keyboard and select Control Panel.

2. When the Control Panel Opens, Select “view by” button and click on the small icons or large icons. If already selected please ignore it.

3. Select the File Explorer Option. Sometimes it is also called “Folder Option” ( In the older versions of windows like window 7 , window xp etc )

4. Open the view button on the top of the bar of windows, it will be directed to other window.

5. Click on the “Show hidden files, folder and drives

6. Uncheck Hide protected operating system files ( recommended). It will appears in the advanced settings.

7. Click “Yes” on the Prompted window to confirm.

8. Click on the “OK” button to complete the process.

At the end your hidden files, folders and drives are shown in the their default folder

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