How to scan Malware from folders and subfolders using Free windows defender in windows 10

Windows 10 accompanies a free inherent antivirus program considered Windows Defender that offers real-time protection and the capacity to performs scans of your computer. It likewise enables you to play out a Custom scan that gives you a chance to determine the particular envelope or drive you might want to scan for malware. As you just need to scan that one folder, the scan time will be a lot faster than scanning a whole machine.

1.Right-click on a folder and scan it

In the event that you wish to scan a solitary folder, and its subfolders, the simplest technique is to perfectly tap on the folder and select “Scan with Windows Defender”

When you select Scan with Windows Defender…, Windows Defender will dispatch and scan every one of the records in the folder and its subfolders.

If malware is detected then You should now tap on the Beginning activities catch to isolate the document and make it inaccessible. (delete it)

2.Play out a Custom scan using Windows Defender

The other method is to utilize the Windows Defender interface to play out a Custom scan of a chose folder. To do this, it would be ideal if you pursue these steps:

From the main menu search for windows defender and open it

when the windows security will open make sure you will click on Virus and threat Protection option

The next thing which you will do is click on scan options.

From those scan options, you select the one which you want to use at that time.

The option will appear as Quick scan, Full scan, Custom Scan, Windows defender offline scan.

Make sure you will select Custom Scan

And there windows defender will ask to scan the folder which you can scan.

Choose accordingly which you want to scan and scan it.

And in Result, if you get any malware. Make sure you guarantee it or delete it from your system and Restart your computer and start using it.

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