How to Protect yourself from Hacking in Kali Linux? Is Kali Linux Safe?

today kali Linux operating system is used by many users to learning to hack. While using kali Linux defending and protecting yourself from hacking is the most common thing. This is for both White hat hacker and Black hat Hacker,

kali linux

if your a White-hat hacker and testing exploit lots of companies consider it a warning to their company so they engage a complaint against you! Kali Linux Is a Very Popular Operating System And More And More Users Are Using It To Try Out Different Things. When Installing Kali, You Get To Choose A Hostname, But In Case You Accepted The Default Hostname (Kali) And Later Want To Change.

Therefore, it is good for protecting your first identity and be safe .

Hacking Over the Internet

Change your MAC address

In this situation, we utilize the network adapter “wlan0” for hacking. Supersede “wlan0” with your network adapter.

Open a Terminal and Type

Open your Linux Terminal and type the following commands

once it is done, then follow the given instruction to continue the process.

Install the Tor Browser and its proxy as given in the below image

Now Open the Iceweasel Browser in the Tor and change its proxy settings to :

While Hacking Local Networks

Open a terminal in the kali linux and type the following instructions :

Changing your Host Name

Now just change your hostname to something besides that might not be enough. How about we change the hostname every time you boot your computer to a random one That could be fun.

It also helps to avoid suspicion from System Admins in your network to see “kali” in their network. Like BackTrack, SysAdmins doesn’t like Kali much (I mean why would they? Kali is designed to poke and prod around the network to find vulnerability). Even if you’re using Kali as your primary OS, it just raises eyebrows and you might get a visit from an over-conscious SysAdmin.

So we will discuss all possible ways, change the hostname to something else permanently, and change the hostname randomly in each boot.

Example :
If the computers in this network got hostnames like misham-01, misham-02, misham-03 .. up to misham-91, you should choose a hostname like “misham-92” to stay undetected.

gedit hostname//change the hostname and save gedit hosts //change the hosts and save the file sudo reboot

Open a Terminal and Type

gedit hostname//change the hostname and save gedit hosts //change the hosts and save the file sudo reboot

Close all Ports

Maximun network administrator and ids will detect linux operating system machines automatically which causes open port like 22 for sSH.

This is way which you can safe from Kali Linux Online attacks.

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