How to Properly Format a Hard Drive on Windows 10

If you want to completely format your hard disk drive or if you have a new hard drive, it is essential to format to prepare hard drive for use. in many conditions in which you have to format hard disk drive. we will show you how to format hard disk.

on window 10, when connecting a new internal or external hard drive, it’s very important to spend time to format the hard disk before storing files. you have to do this to check that your new hard drive is free of malware and it is empty.

It is very important to format the storage to ensure that the hard disk drive using the proper setting to avoid compatibility problems. Window 10 includes many methods to format a hard disk drive but disk management is the best option for most users.

How to Format Window 10 Hard Drive Using “Disk Management”

When you are using a hard drive that have already a partition, you can format the subsisting partition to delete its files and commence with an immaculate storage.

To format a partition using the disk management , use these steps :

  1. Open start.
  2. search for create and format hard disk partition and click on the option to open the disk management console.
  3. Right-Click onn the new hard drive option And select the format option.

4. in the “value label” field, confirm the new name for the storage.

5. utilize the “File systemdrop-down menu.

6. select the nFTS Option . It is recommended for Window 10.

7. Click on the “Allocation unit size” in the menu, and select the default option.

8. Check the perform a quick format option.

9. click on the oK button.

10. Click the oK button and finish your setting.

When you completed the steps , the tool automatically format the selected partition on the hard drive and then you can start storing files in the hard disk drive.

How to Create and Format Partition using Disk Management

If you have a new hard disk drive then a format is recommended for your hard disk. the new hard drive has not any partition so it will not appears in file explorer. you will have to initialize and create a new partition. in last format the hard disk before you can use it.

To set up a new had drive in window 10 with raw space , follow these steps :

  1. open Start.
  2. Search for Create and Format hard disk disk partitions .
  3. Click on the top result to open the disk management console.
  4. right-click the hard drive marked as “unknown” and “not initialized” and select the Initialize Disk option.

5. Under the “Select disks” section , check the disk to process.

6. Select the partition type:

MASTER BOOT RECORD (mBR) for smaller hard disk drives than 2TB in size


7. click on the oK Button.

8. Now Right-Click on the unallocated space part of the storage and select the New simple volume option.

9. Click on the next button.

10. Under the “simple volume size in mB” section, exit the default size if you are planning to use the whole hard disk drive to store files.

11. Click on the next button.

12. utilize the “assign the following drive letter” drop-down menu to select the new drive letter which is also called your drive name.

13. Click on the Next button. Use the File system menu , and select the nFTS option which is strongly recommended for window 10.

14. Click the allocation unit size menu 20and select the default option.

15. in the value label field and type a name for the storage for your new drive.

16. Check the Perform a quick format option in the below Menu.

17. Click the Next button.

18. now click on the finish button.

When the steps completed your new hard drive will be initialized and properly formatted. Hope your new hard disk drive will initialized successfully. We are focusing on window 10 guides and new tips and tricks of windows 10.


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