How to Locate a Program’s EXE file on Windows 10

There are many such Condition in which you have to find the Exe file of a Shortcut Program. If you’re doing advanced troubleshooting or configuration of a Windows 10 and need to locate the program EXE file in the File Explorer, there is a quick way to do it if you have access to a shortcut. Read the Below Article to Locate :

Firstly, Locate the Program shortcut file that points to the application, whose EXE file you need to find. Right-Click on the application Shortcut and select the Properties window. If the Shortcut is on the Desktop, “right-click” it and select properties.

If the Shortcut is Pinned in the Taskbar, Right-Click it when the pop-up appears Right-Click in its name again and again a popup appears and Select Properties.

If the Shortcut Menu is in the Start menu, then Right-Click on the Shortcut. Then a popup menu appears and select more, In the more section Click on it and Select the “Open File Loaction” of the Shortcut. You will directly redirected to the File Location of the Shortcut.

For the Shortcut of the Desktop Shortcut, Select the Properties of the Shortcut, a new window appears in the desktop. Go to Shortcut Tab and select “Open File Location

You will be taken directly to the File location of the EXE’s in File Explorer.

What you do next depends on what you are trying to do . Just be careful in there modifying or moving a program’s files can make it not work properly. Think careful what to do in the EXE’s File Explorer.

If you can’t find shortcut in the Desktop, Start Menu and Taskbar.

If the Shortcut is not easily available in the Desktop or Start menu or Taskbar , you can browse  C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) on your machine you can find the application’s main program folder in the above Location. Just look for a folder with a name similar to the publisher of the program, or the name of the application . Open it, and you might able to find the EXE you’re looking for inside. Good Luck


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