How to Install Wireless LAN (WiFi) Driver in Windows 10

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In the latest Computers the Wireless Lan Drivers (WiFi) are pre-installed but in the old PCs we have to install the Wifi Driver manually. Without installing the wifi driver, you are not able to use Wifi in your PC. If you try to connect Wifi without driver the hardware you try to run in your PC will be failed. Manufacturers develop driver for different types of Wifi models and devices. If you didn’t install the suitable driver for your wifi the internet wifi connection will fails. In this Post, we will tell you how to Install suitable Wifi driver for your Window 10.

Install Wifi Driver For Window 10

Every Driver is essentially designed for a specific Operating System Window 10, Linux, Mac etc . The Operating System uses driver to communicate with external devices like printer, wifi dongle etc. Most hardware manufacturers feature their own product in their own official website where you can find necessary driver for your Operating system to download.

How to install WiFi Driver in Pc

If you want to download the WiFi Driver, visit your device manufacturer’s Official website and search for the right driver you would relish to install. I utilize an Acer laptop so when I install their website and sanction them to scan my laptop, then it displays the drivers or updates available for my contrivance.

Acer Driver Official Website

Next, you need to download the right WiFi driver, if it is available for your device. You need to know the exact version of your device to download it. If you didn’t know your device model or version then press the Window + R key then a command box opens and type msinfo32 and Press Enter then it shows you all your system Information.

System Information

Visit the official website and go to the driver and manuals menu and search for the suitable driver and download it.

Acer aspire a515

When the download is completed, install it and run the setup in PC. When its get completed you are able to access the WiFi Internet Connection in your PC. To verify that its the correct version of the driver. Go to the Device Manager, To open Device Manager Press Window+X and Click on the Network Adapter.

Here the WiFi Driver can be spotted by looking Network adapters for the “wireless” term in its entry. If you want to check the correct version of the driver.

Driver Version

Click on the Driver tab to open see the Version Details. When it installed completely. Restart your Computer.

Finally your driver has installed successfully….

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