How to Find the Hidden Files in Windows 10

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As by title you can understand we are looking for the files which are hidden on purpose and as human beings we love to find which is hidden. So let’s go and find these mystery files from the computer. To find these files which are hidden you have to follow these steps:

Hold the Windows key and hit the letter E to go to the File explorer or you can do it in your way if you are comfortable with yours just by clicking on the File Explorer in Taskbar.

The Next option is View on the top right corner of File Explorer. Click on the View tab

Now you will see various options which you can select

Folders option category. Click on show hidden files or Folder.

Down to hidden files and folders you have to select the radio button labeled Show hidden files, drives and folders.

Make sure to remove the checkmark from the checkbox labeled High Protected Operating system files types.

And make sure to remove the checkmark from the checkbox labeled Hide extensions for known file types.

Apply that and hit ok to see the files hidden.

And now your window 10 is showing all hidden files.

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