How to Create a Full Backup of Window 10 PC ? Creating Image Backup File in Windows 10 using Inbuilt Tool

Taking full backup is a critical situation to safeguard you installed programs and files. We will show you the instructions to create the Window 10 System Image to complete this task.

Backup is the best method to safe guard your files, songs, videos or other data. If you have created a backup you can freely use your computer against malware attacks that can corrupt your computer files.

If you don’t create backup regularly, you will be putting your PC at high risk. In Window 10. there are many ways to create Window System Image Backup. Generally, backup copying all your computer files to external storage which store files in Cloud Storage Services like Dropbox, OneDrive etc. If you don’t want to install third-party application, you can always create a full backup image using the Window Built-in legacy method Window Backup Tool. A system Image is another way to refer to a “Full Backup” . Normally, you will find tool in the Computer settings.

In this Window 10 Guide, we’ll discuss the steps to create a full backup of your Window files using the Window’s built-in system image tool.

How to create Backup with system image tool in Window 10 PC :-

In Window 10, the tool includes an option to store the full backup in different locations like an external hard drive or other location like network drives etc. You can also take Window’s Backup in the Removable storages.

To Create Full Backup of Window 10 with the system Built in Tool, Use the Following Steps:-

1- Open the Setting from the Start Menu.

Window 10 settings

2.Click on the Update and Security option.

Window 10 Update and Security option

3. Now find Backup and Click on it.

4.In the Backup option, Looking for an older backup section click the “Go to Backup and Restore (Window 7) “option.

5.Now click on the Create a system image option form the left navigation bar.

create a system image

6. In “Where do you want to save the Backup?” Click “ On a hard disk” option.

7. Select the Storage location to save the Windows 10 full backup.

8. Click on the Next Button and again Click on Next Button.

9. Click on the Start backup button to start the backup process.

10. Click on the No button.

11.Finally, Click on the Close button.

Once you complete the steps , the Window Backup tool create an image of the whole System that everything on the primary hard disk drive.

backup Successfully completed

While starting the full backup on Windows 10, you can perpetuate to work during the process because the tool utilizes the “Shadow Copy” feature that enables the facility to backup files even if they’re open and apps are running in the Computer.

When the process is completed, you can disconnect your external drive like hard disk or Other Flash drive to store it in a safe place.

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