How to Create a Bootable USB of Window Files in Window 10

When your PC getting slow or have another problem like viruses, Window Corrupt etc . This is because your Computer contains a lot of Virus or unwanted window files. Most of the People do not able to these type of Problems because they aren’t Professional. Many of the people decide to reinstall the Windows. When it comes to install a clean copy of Windows, you need a USB drive to proceed the “Windows Setup” wizard.

There are many Software to make a bootable USB in Windows 10 but I use only two tools. One of the tools is Official tool from Microsoft Corporation and Other is Rufus. The Tools from the Microsoft Corporation is Media Creatiolyn Tool. It is a Utility Software which is developed by the Microsoft. With this Software You Can Create ISO files and also download Window Files. Both of these tools supports legacy BIOS and UEFI.

  • How to Create Window 10 UEFI BOOT Using the Media Creation Tool
  • How to Create Window 10 UEFI BOOT Using the Rufus

How to Create Window 10 UEFI BOOT Using the Media Creation Tool

Firstly, you have to download the Media Creation Tool From the Microsoft Official Website. To download the Tool Click here. When your Download Has finished install the Tool and accept all license and terms to proceed.

2. In the Next Step, Select the Create Installation Media and Click on Next. You need a USB Flash Drive at least 8 GB to boot up the USB drive.

3. In the third step, You need to select the USB drive ( Removable drive from the list ) . If you don’t see any drive in the list “Refresh” the page , You will able to see the Removable drives in you Computer.

4. The Last Step, Click on the Next button and Click the Finish button. Once you complete these steps, this tool getting download files from the Internet and copying required files in the USB Drive . It install the Windows with support of UEFI and BIOS.

How to create a Windows 10 UEFI boot media using Rufus tool

We also have another choice to create Boot Media is Rufus Tool for those who don’t have active Internet Connection and many other type of Problems. You can use this tool as a Alternative Software. But for using this tool, firstly you need to download the ISO file or if you already have existing file then you can easily boot.

You Can Downlaod the Microsoft Window 10 64bit Full Version From Here

Creating ISO Boot File with Rufus

To Create Bootable media you need atleast 8GB of USB drive and use these Steps:

  1. Visit “RUFUS” Official Website and download RUFUS.

2. Download the Latest version of “Rufus” and save on your Computer.

3. Double Click on the Setup file to start Installing the tool. When it is installed, Select the USB flash Drive from your Pc.

4. Select the Image file From the Boot Selection. When you select the ISO file all setting automatically fill up to its default settings.

5. Click on the “Start” Button to start the process. It takes about 20-30 minutes to complete ( According to your PC performance).

After some time your Flash Drive is Ready to boot devices. Then you can create a bootable media on computer using UEFI.

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