How to Properly Disable Microsoft OneDrive in Windows

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If you want to disable Microsoft OneDrive in Windows Operating System then read the full article! Reason! Why we Remove OneDrive From Windows? Microsoft OneDrive Cloud stores your photos, videos, and documents usually without any problems. It provides many upgrades to storage limits and can be accessed from any device. So why do you feel the urge to dispense it? Maybe you are a fan of a different system, such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive. If you have invested plenty of time into those accommodations over the years. you would be rightly reluctant about switching. On the other hand, you might have spent enough time with the OneDrive token that you don’t relish it. You might not even have realized that you had OneDrive. Whichever the case, it is possible to incapacitate OneDrive on your computer. Just ascertain that you’ve taken precautions first. If you’re forsaking OneDrive, take the time to move the data you’ll require to your incipient preferred cloud drive. Disable and Remove Microsoft OneDrive in Windows 10 The process of disabling Microsoft one drive in Windows… Read More »How to Properly Disable Microsoft OneDrive in Windows

What is Visual Basic? Programming Fundaments and Visual Basic Applications

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) Visual Basic, Programming is event-driven and object-oriented. In c, the unit of programming is the function, but in visual basic, the unit of object-oriented programming is the class from which objects are instantiated. Methods are Visual Basic Functions that are encapsulated with the data they process within the classes. We can create our own user-defined types called classes in VB. Classes are also referred to as Programmer-defined types. Each class contains data as well as the set of methods that manipulate that data. the data components of a class are called instance variables. Just as an instance of a built-in type such as an integer is called a Variable, an instance of a class is called an object. The focus of attention in Object-oriented programming with visual basic is on classes rather than methods. The major Features of OOP are : Objects Classes Inheritance Polymorphism Late Binding Visual Basic Visual Basic is a programming language that is used to develop very impressive window-based applications. Most of the syntax of this language is based on the bASIC language.… Read More »What is Visual Basic? Programming Fundaments and Visual Basic Applications

Different Types of Wireless Communication Technologies – Wireless Technology

These technologies do not make use of wires and cables and instead, they make use of waves and signals for transmission. Let us discuss different types of wireless technologies Wireless Technology plays a very big role in our day to day life. Other than communication, wireless technology has become an essential part of our daily activities. The transmission of data or information from one place to another wirelessly is referred to as wireless communication. This provides an exchange of data without any conductor through RF and radio signals. The information is transmitted across the devices over some meters to hundreds of kilometers through well-defined channels. Bluetooth Bluetooth technology is named after Harald Bluetooth, a Danish King who managed to consolidate Denmark and a part of Norway in the 1900s. the choice for the name of this technology is a manifestation of how influential and central the companies from this region are to the Telecommunications industry. Bluetooth is a Networking technology that does not rely on user control or large amounts of power. By keeping the transmission power to an extremely… Read More »Different Types of Wireless Communication Technologies – Wireless Technology

4 Ways to Fix “Windows was Unable to Complete the Format” Error

There are many ways to fix this common issue but i will show you best solutions for this error. if you will trying to format a removable drive and seeing that “Window was unable to complete the Format“ This format error. whether this error happens in USB flash Drive SD Card or Similar we will show you how to fix this issue. Open the file explorer and browse this pC to see all connected drives in your computer. in the this PC window find your removable drive Right-Click on it and Choose Format. This will bring up the rudimental Windows format menu. If you are not sure which options to cull, read the above guide for tips or hit the Recuperate contrivance defaults button to utilize what the contrivance came with. Click Start to format the drive. we have found 5 easy ways to fix. to know how to fix it read the below instructions. Format Through Disk Management For the need for the advanced disk, windows provide you disk management tool which has more options than This PC. Press… Read More »4 Ways to Fix “Windows was Unable to Complete the Format” Error

Introducing the Parrot OS – Can I use Parrot OS

parrot OS is a free and open-source GNU distribution based on Debian testing designed for Security experts, developers, and privacy-aware peoples. It includes an arsenal for IT security and digital forensics operations but it contains everything which you need to develop your own program or application and protect your data and privacy while surfing the internet. It includes many general tools and functional features. History of Parrot OS This Operating system ships with the MATE desktop environment which is preinstalled and is available in several flavors to fit your needs. Parrot OS was first released on 10th April 2013 and it is developed by a team of security experts Linux enthusiasts, and open source developers.  Originally developed as a part of the frozen box. The endeavor has grown to include a community of open source developers, professional cybersecurity experts, and advocates of digital rights from all over the world. The headquarter of parrot OS is located in Palermo Italy and ruled by parrot security CIC. also a community interest company registered in UK. Can I Use Parrot OS If we… Read More »Introducing the Parrot OS – Can I use Parrot OS

How to Protect yourself from Hacking in Kali Linux? Is Kali Linux Safe?

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today kali Linux operating system is used by many users to learning to hack. While using kali Linux defending and protecting yourself from hacking is the most common thing. This is for both White hat hacker and Black hat Hacker, if your a White-hat hacker and testing exploit lots of companies consider it a warning to their company so they engage a complaint against you! Kali Linux Is a Very Popular Operating System And More And More Users Are Using It To Try Out Different Things. When Installing Kali, You Get To Choose A Hostname, But In Case You Accepted The Default Hostname (Kali) And Later Want To Change. Therefore, it is good for protecting your first identity and be safe . Hacking Over the Internet Change your MAC address In this situation, we utilize the network adapter “wlan0” for hacking. Supersede “wlan0” with your network adapter. Open a Terminal and Type Open your Linux Terminal and type the following commands once it is done, then follow the given instruction to continue the process. Install the Tor Browser and its… Read More »How to Protect yourself from Hacking in Kali Linux? Is Kali Linux Safe?

Is Kali Linux is illegal in India ? ILLEGAL OR LEGAL

Kali linux is an operating system just like windows operating system used for learn hacking and practice penetration testing. This Operating system is maximum used by hackers. Hacker called kali linux paradise. Kali linux servers are maintained and funded by offensive security limited. Kali Linux operating system is legal and illegal also. when a white hat hacker uses kali linux, then it is legal . But when a black hat hacker use kali linus it is illegal. installing any operating system is legal, its depend on why you are using kali linux for. windows operating system is used for general purposes. kali linux has many security tools, the quantity of security tools is about 600. Kali linux is released on 13 march 2013. It is developed by Mati aharoni and Devon kearns. Windows operating system is used by normal people. Kali linux is distributed by linux operating system. Kali linux is very popular for only two reasons :- For the testing of security reasons on different equipments to hack anyone or spy on others. If Someone asks that Kali Linux… Read More »Is Kali Linux is illegal in India ? ILLEGAL OR LEGAL

How to Properly Format a Hard Drive on Windows 10

If you want to completely format your hard disk drive or if you have a new hard drive, it is essential to format to prepare hard drive for use. in many conditions in which you have to format hard disk drive. we will show you how to format hard disk. on window 10, when connecting a new internal or external hard drive, it’s very important to spend time to format the hard disk before storing files. you have to do this to check that your new hard drive is free of malware and it is empty. It is very important to format the storage to ensure that the hard disk drive using the proper setting to avoid compatibility problems. Window 10 includes many methods to format a hard disk drive but disk management is the best option for most users. How to Format Window 10 Hard Drive Using “Disk Management” When you are using a hard drive that have already a partition, you can format the subsisting partition to delete its files and commence with an immaculate storage. To format… Read More »How to Properly Format a Hard Drive on Windows 10