EVGA Officially Launches RTX 3090 K | N Edition

EVGA’s RTX 3090 K|NGP|N is determinately here, a crazy graphics card designed to push the Ampere architecture to its limit. Priced at $1999.99, this card is designed more for overclockers than gamers. But of course, it can game incredibly well. The first batch of 3090 KINGPINs goes to EVGA’s Elite members; after that, the general public can purchase the card.

Specs-sagacious, the card features a boost frequency of 1920MHz and a potency draw of 350 watts. The card is powered by three 8-pin PCI-E connectors, which you’ll definitely need if you want to push this card beyond its default parameters.

Out of the box, the KINGPIN comes with a monstrous 360mm radiator to ascertain the 3090 core stays algid at all times. Because the core is cooled consummately by the 360mm radiator, the KINGPIN 3090 can get away with a Blower-style cooler to cool the rest of the components like the VRM, recollection, and other PCB components. EVGA went the extra mile to ascertain those components stay cool with a plenarily-copper heatsink, something that is incredibly recherche to find on a graphics card.

The K|NGP|N has a diminutive 176 x 48 resolution OLED exhibit on the side of the shroud EVGA. It shows readouts like temperature, GPU voltages, GPU clocks, and more. Or you can utilize the exhibit for GIF animations. To avail ascertain your overclocking goes smoothly, the 3090 K|NGP|N comes with some handy OC features you won’t find in any other graphics card, like three BIOS options: Mundane mode, OC mode, and LN2 mode for liquid nitrogen use only.

All three can be controlled via a switch on the top of the card. Adjacent to that switch is an integrated header where you can plug in a physical monitoring implement to monitor the graphics card’s voltages.

This feature is virtually a requisite for liquid nitrogen when you’re approaching the card’s limits, as software-predicated voltage monitoring isn’t that precise. Plugging a hardware-predicated solution into the card solves that quandary.

For $1,999.99, this card is most certainly a niche unit. If you want to utilize the card pristinely for gaming, you are probably better off going with a more frugal RTX 3090, as an out-of-the-box KINGPIN can’t authentically justify its price tag as it’s performance is very akin to other RTX 3090 SKUs. But, if you are an earnest overclocker, or if you are a doter of tech and want the best of the best, this card most certainly fits the bill.

This Is Very Big Exciting News For High-End Gamers.

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