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4 Ways to Fix “Windows was Unable to Complete the Format” Error

There are many ways to fix this common issue but i will show you best solutions for this error. if you will trying to format a removable drive and seeing that “Window was unable to complete the Format“ This format error. whether this error happens in USB flash Drive SD Card or Similar we will show you how to fix this issue. Open the file explorer and browse this pC to see all connected drives in your computer. in the this PC window find your removable drive Right-Click on it and Choose Format. This will bring up the rudimental Windows format menu. If you are not sure which options to cull, read the above guide for tips or hit the Recuperate contrivance defaults button to utilize what the contrivance came with. Click Start to format the drive. we have found 5 easy ways to fix. to know how to fix it read the below instructions. Format Through Disk Management For the need for the advanced disk, windows provide you disk management tool which has more options than This PC. Press… Read More »4 Ways to Fix “Windows was Unable to Complete the Format” Error

How to Fix Problem Caused by Windows Updates

Windows Update exist to keep windows clean and other microsoft Software updated. this includes security updates, error removing updates, etc that are push out only on tuesday. Sometimes, one or patches will cause a problem ranging from series ones like errors in window mails, preventing windows from starting, freezing while updating process and many other problem will found while updating. If you are sure that the problem you are experiencing begans only after one or more Windows updates, while manual, automatic, on Patch Tuesday or otherwise, perpetuate reading for avail on what to do next. How to Use this Troubleshooting Guide Today we did not explain that How to use this troubleshooting guide in windows but since you have the great fortune of the theory about the cause of this problem. the help we provide is slightly different from other tutorial because we help people with easy way. If you are 100 percent certain that an update causes problem in your pc then you are having do us a favor and read it anyway. If you spend the next hour… Read More »How to Fix Problem Caused by Windows Updates

How to Create a Desktop for Locking your Window 10 Pc

There are many ways to Lock your Window 10 PC like Ctrl + L shortcut key. But If your Window Key is broken or damaged but you still want to quick lock your PC then follow the Given Steps : Firstly, Right-Click anywhere on Desktop and a popup menu appear, Click on the New button and now a sub-menu appears, select the Shortcut button. Once you selected the Shortcut , a new window will appears. In the “Type The Location Of The Item” type the given code and Click on the Next button. Rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation Note: You can lock your Windows 10 PC using Command Prompt or the Run by utilizing this same command. Next, give your developing shortcut a designation. Type in a denomination that complements its functionality so that you wil precisely what it does. Type the designation in the box under “Type A Denomination For This Shortcut.” Once its get ready , click on the “Finished” button. Our Recents Posts : Our Social Media Platforms: Like us on Facebook: Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter… Read More »How to Create a Desktop for Locking your Window 10 Pc

How to Delete or Uninstall an Antivirus Program

There are thousands of different Antiviruses are available in the market. The function of an antivirus is to protect a computer from different types of malware like viruses, malwares , trojans etc. But an antivirus takes a very large amount of space in your PC. In some Cases, it can slow down your Computer Performance. If you want to uninstall your current antivirus, Follow the given steps:- Uninstall through Start Menu Firstly endeavor utilizing the built-in uninstall feature of the program by finding the folder for the antivirus program in your Windows Start menu. To do this, click Start, All Programs, and probe for the antivirus program in the list of programs. When you find the Current Installed antivirus in your list, find the uninstall option, which should be in the same folder. If Uninstall option available then click on it and continues your uninstallation process. Uninstall through Programs and Features To uninstall an antivirus Program in Windows 7, 8 and 10 from the Programs and Features. Follow the Below Steps :- Open the Control Panel and Click on the… Read More »How to Delete or Uninstall an Antivirus Program

Window 10 New Tips and Tricks – Window 10 Hacks of 2020

Increase Page File Size You can increase size of the paging file, it can also increase your computer performance. Page File is a hidden file in Window Operating System which uses Ram (memory) in the Hard disk drive. It acts as an overflow memory that holds the data for currently running applications running on your computer. To speed up your computer using the Page File in Window 10, then follow the Given Steps : Open Settings from the Start Menu. Click on the System. Click on About. On the Right-Side of the Window, Under the Related Settings Click on the “System Info” option. 5. On the Left-Side, Click on the Advanced System Settings . 6. Go to Advanced tab. In the Performance Section Click on the Settings. 7. Click on the Advanced tab, In the Virtual Memory section click on the Change button. 8. Untick the Automatically manage paging files size for all drives option. Click on the Custom Size button. Designate the initial and maximum size for the paging file in megabytes. Note:- Customarily, it’s recommended to utilize a number… Read More »Window 10 New Tips and Tricks – Window 10 Hacks of 2020

How to Fix High Ram and CPU usage in Window 10 System

In these days, lots of peoples are multi taskers and they need a high performing PC . Lots of Window 10 users Report on Microsoft Forums that some processes on Window 10 Slowing down the Operating system due to High Consumption of Ram and CPU. These types of issues are depending on many factors like Low Power, Temperature, or Cooling devices etc. Here there are some ways to fix High Ram and CPU usage in Window 10 Operating System. In July 2015, Microsoft Corporations released it most-awaited Window 10 Operating System. Many of the People Upgrade their Window 7 and Window 8 to the latest Operating System Windows 10 . I helps people by writing Window 10 guides on Here, I tell you the Main problem to fix this issue, there is a bug in Window 10 that is Slow down your PC. According to the Microsoft Corporations, the process like ntoskrnl.exe running the Windows 10 to Slow Down by consuming High Ram and CPU power. We are sharing some simple fixes that helps you to fix memory leak in Window 10… Read More »How to Fix High Ram and CPU usage in Window 10 System

How to Prevent File Copying Stuck at 5 seconds Remaining

In Window 10 there is a problem faced by many peoples, the problem is caused when the file is copying. Suddenly it stuck at 5 second. This problem is also faced by me when I tried to copy some files (about 4Gb) including some Documents, Images and Videos to a Pendrive. When I start the process it’s working good and as soon as the files are copying the speed went very slow and the file transferring stuck at 5 seconds remaining. I waited for About 20-30 minutes but the process still stuck at 5 second. I stopped the process and again I tried to copy files the message came out again that copying files stuck at 5 seconds. Why Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 copying files hangs ? Any solutions. The file transfer on Windows might be affected by Some factors like Infected Window files, performance of Usb Drive is slow, Usb ports, File size or Device Driver Problems. If any of one error is probematic then this error Caused in your PC. Fix 1. Use Another USB… Read More »How to Prevent File Copying Stuck at 5 seconds Remaining

How to Run Android Apps In Your Pc

Today Smartphones are the Important thing of our daily life. Almost Every Person have a Android Device. You can now find Android in Tablets, Phones, Hybrid Devices and android can also find in wearable devices such as watches, home appliances etc. We will be to see android OS in future Cars. We have tested many ways to run Android Operating System in PC. We tested many applications in PC but one Application performed well that is very reliable. The name of the Application is Bluestacks. This software is in the Category of Android Emulators. The main function of the Android Emulators is “to run android apps in PC”. There are many reason in which we have to install an android emulator like Some people have a good PC but they don’t have a mobile phone and some people use android for experimental use. Firstly, download the bluestacks from its OFFICIAL WEBSITE . Now open the Setup, You might see a notification saying that your graphics card needs to be updated. Just click the “close” button when you see the pop… Read More »How to Run Android Apps In Your Pc