Asus Vivo Book 15 Thin Laptop With AMD Ryzen 5

asus vivo book 15 review

Hey Guys, Today In this article we are looking at another thin and lightweight laptop. This laptop has been available in intel configuration for a while but in today’s article, we are looking at the Asus Vivo Book 15 With AMD ryzen 5 configuration laptop. It sports a rather large 15.6-inch screen that is full Hd at 1920*1080p resolution.

This Asus Vivo Book has an iPS Panel, it’s backlit and it has A really wide viewing angle of 178 degrees. you can use the image and the text is still going to look sharp.

so, one interesting thing about this laptop is that the screen actually comes with an anti-glare coating. Most of the laptops in this market, these days have a glossy screen and the glossy screen makes the laptop very prone to reflection.

so, if you are using these laptops next to bright windows or a light source.

it is very irritating that Asus has done is that they have put an anti-glare coating on this laptop.

This dramatically reduces the reflection so this makes it very useful.

if you want to use this laptop in a room that is very brightly lit.


you know if you have a window or a door that is open during the daytime. This new Asus vivo Book is very slim and Light Weight.

now the caveat is that anti-glare coating reduces the saturation.

so, when you are watching videos or when you are looking at pictures the color won’t pop out as much.

I prefer the anti-glare screen the reflections are really irritating. if you have ever been sitting on a couch with windows behind you.

you know you are getting the reflection in the screen it’s really irritating. so, you will not have these problems.

i think overall the anti-glare coating is a welcome addition. Even, though vivo Cook has a large 15.6-inch screen it doesn’t feel bulky.

this is because Asus has managed to trim down the bezels on all four corners of the Bezels. on this laptop measure at only 5.7 millimeter.

so this gives it a whopping 88%. The screen to body ratio which I think is pretty amazing you have seen high body ratios.

i am glad the PC makers are now incorporating. this thick bustles make any laptop look really old-school.

so, this one has a very modern and the thin bezels all around the four corners.

look really nice what is impressive is that issues managed to put a HD webcam on the top bezel, even though the bezel is very thin.

this HD webcam because it’s situated in the middle on the top.

that’s the perfect viewing angle for you know video chat a lot of the manufacturers.

especially, the thin enlight laptop makers. they tend to put that cam in near the keyboard.

that creates a very skewed angle a very awkward angle.

Design of Vivo Book 15

don’t use laptops with that you know skewed video angle this laptop. is really nice it has perfect that cam placement.

so I think if you do Skype video chat. if you do video conferences will definitely appreciate it.

the webcam handle so vivo book weighs about 3.8 pounds and this includes the battery.

so, this is little on the heavier side but remember this is 15.6 inch laptop.

this is not like a 13 or a 12 inch laptop.

for the size I think 3.8 pounds is not bad so this laptop comes with a 38 water battery.

it is a 2 cell battery so asus is claiming an all-day battery life on vivo book.

i think that’s kind of an exaggeration now I was able to get about 7 to 8 hours of battery life.

in my testing I kept the screen brightness at around 75%.

so the battery is able to actually charge all the way from 0% to 60% in under 15 minutes. now let’s talk about the build quality of the laptop.

so the laptop body is made of polycarbonate.


you know plastic in simple English it feels pretty robust in hands with no perceptible flex.

so this laptop has a unique hinge mechanism issue calls this Argo flex and basically what it does is when you open the screen.

when the laptop is fully open it tilts the keyboard slightly by about two degrees. this is because the hinge lifts the keyboard by few millimeters.

this gives the keyboard a very nice ergonomic angle. when I typed on this keyboard.

it was definitely it felt better than a flat keyboard not only does it help with typing the ergonomics. it also actually lifts the base of the laptop a few millimeters.

so, this helps in the cooling because of the fans in the laptop.

User Experience

when they are blowing the hot air they will be able to have more clearance the keyboard on the Vivo book is really nice it’s a full-size keyboard and it comes with a numerical pad.

so, this is great for working in din-lit environments.

this leads to a very pleasant typing experience the laptop comes with a large touchpad.

there is a fingerprint sensor built right on the top right-hand corner of the touchpad.

so this is a very nice welcome addition.

this is great for password-less entering into your laptop. i wish more laptop makers start makers start incorporating your fingerprint sensor.

the touchpad is very responsive. it comes with windows 10 precision drivers.

all the multi fingers gestures you know scrolling with your fingers pinch and zoom.

all the typical multi-touch finger gestures are supported the tactile feedback on the touchpad is also really nice.

this with other processors you will see that rise in five thirty five hundred.

so overall for the price that you are paying I think this is a damn good processor. so, kudos to issues for picking this processor.

Performance of Asus Vivo Book

I’m very happy that AMD is now churning out really good processors. moving onto the GPU this laptop is using Radeon Vega 8 graphics.

so, here is the benchmark performance of a guide graphics it’s coarse 3085 5 d park so as you can see here it is actually sitting ahead of the Radeon HD six eight seven zero processors. the old-school gTX 560 it’s slightly behind the geforce 950 m.

So this is a pretty good GPU for casual gaming you will get decent frame rates but don’t expect insane gaming performance.

this is after all not a gaming laptop moving on to the system ram. so this laptop comes with eight-gigabyte configurations so 80 gram is good.

enough for the casual use for internet surfing for social media stuff for watching videos. on youtube you know Netflix.

also for casual gaming. but if you intend to do serious work say for example content creation video editing running photoshop.

if you are into software development. then 8-gigabyte ram is probably not going to cut it for you.

so, i would recommend that you upgrade the RAM.


So the ram configuration is very interesting the existing 8 gigabyte ram that you get.

then you will end up with a 20k total ram.

that work with this laptop like i said before if you are a power user then i highly recommend that you upgrade.

the system ram to either 12 gig or 20 gig those are your only two options.

the RAM you will have to open the back of the laptop.

there are about one dozen screws at the back of the laptop.

o you all you need is a phillips screwdriver and unscrew.

these screws my recommendation is when you are unscrewing these screws remember the location of where you pick.

these schools from because these screws are not identical.

after you have school you need to pry open the back of the laptop.

this can be done using a prying tool. even an old plastic credit card. a plastic knife is good enough.

now find one corner of the laptop and from that edge write it open.

then once you have your plastic credit card or the knife.

Asus Vivo Book Over Clocking

you have made its way in then just move it across the length of the laptop

you will hear a lot of clicking sounds these are the latches which are basically opening up so gently move it along the four sides of the laptop and once all the latches are open then the back of the laptop will easily come out.

so once we have removed the back of the laptop you will have access to the memory modules.

so as you can see here there is only one dim slot.

this is the template which will already have a four-gigabyte memory stick.

if you have never installed memory modules before it’s not difficult.

all you need to do is make sure that the notch on your memory stick matches with the slot the memory module is asymmetric.

so there is only one way to put this in the slot so make sure that your memory stick.

the notch is matching with the slot and gently slide it in at around 45 degree angle once.

it is in then you press it gently down and it will make a very satisfying click sound.

that’s it your memory has been upgraded. now while you have your laptop open there is one other upgrade.

so if you are planning to upgrade the SSD. Unfortunately. you cannot add a second SSD because there is no slot for a second SSD. You will have to replace the existing SSD so this laptop comes to 256 gigabytes of SSD.

this USB type-c port this is only for data connection. so that is kind of a bummer it also comes with the old school USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports.


so, the addition you get an HDMI port you get a headphone jack with the 3.5-millimeter jack.

I think this is a very good laptop for most of the folks for casual use for the casual gaming.

this is a great laptop if you are a power user then I will recommend that you upgrade.

i think the Asus Vivo Book is a really good laptop.

it has a nice 15.6-inch screen it has very thin bezels.

it’s not very heavy the battery is about 7 to 8 hours and you get fast charging.

where we have consolidated all the reviews and lots of other technical information along with Asus Vivo Book reviews.

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