4 Ways to Fix “Windows was Unable to Complete the Format” Error

There are many ways to fix this common issue but i will show you best solutions for this error. if you will trying to format a removable drive and seeing that “Window was unable to complete the Format This format error. whether this error happens in USB flash Drive SD Card or Similar we will show you how to fix this issue.


Open the file explorer and browse this pC to see all connected drives in your computer. in the this PC window find your removable drive Right-Click on it and Choose Format. This will bring up the rudimental Windows format menu.


If you are not sure which options to cull, read the above guide for tips or hit the Recuperate contrivance defaults button to utilize what the contrivance came with.


Click Start to format the drive. we have found 5 easy ways to fix. to know how to fix it read the below instructions.

Format Through Disk Management

For the need for the advanced disk, windows provide you disk management tool which has more options than This PC. Press Win + X or right-click on the Start button to open a list of shortcuts, then click Disk Management to access it.

You will optically discern a list of volumes affixed to your computer at the top, as well as a visual representation of them at the bottom.

If you visually perceive RAW in the juxtaposition of the size sizing of the drive at the bottom backside. this betokens that Windows doesn’t agnize the drive’s file system. scheme. In some cases, this shows typesetter’s case, this appearance that the drive is formatted with a MacOS or Linux file system organization that Windows can’t utilize. Right-click on your USB drive (ascertain you cull the right one) and update Format.


You’ll optically discern an interface kindred to what you used earlier. Pick a Volume label, recording label, designate the File system Indian file scheme (FAT32 is best for more minuscule contrivances or ones that you orchestrate to utilize across platforms) and leave the Allocation of absence -taking the Allotment unit of quantification size as Default.

Now try to again format the removable drive and see the results.

Use The SD Memory Card Formatter

if windows was unable to format an SD card in windows, the fix might be fix by using a specific utility instead of the Windows tool. The SD card recommends using its SD Memory Card Formatter tool for the window instead of what your operating system provides a normal inbuilt window tool.

download the tool from the link if you’re specifically having trouble with an SD card.

The tool is Very simple and looks very similar to the inbuilt window tool. Make sure you have the right card selected in the dropdown menu at the top. Use the Overwrite format to obliterate the current contents of the card for the best results and give it a name in the Volume label field.

Scan The Drive For Errors

occasionally, you’ll run into formatting errors because the drive has lamentable sectors or kindred issues. At this point, it’s worth checking the drive to visually perceive if something is erroneous with it.


To do this, open This PC. Right-click on your removable drive and choose the properties option. on the resulting menu switch to Tabs Tools. Click the Check button below the error checking. Click on the repair Drive to scan the drive then wait for it to complete and try again to format, maybe the error will be fixed.

Scan For Malware

This problem is also caused by some malware files on your PC. Try to remove malware files in your PC or scan your PC for Malware. Some malware can interfere with mundane file system operation, including formatting drives.

If the virus does not seem to operate to be abstracted with our suggestions, consider disconnecting from the cyber world so that the malware cannot communicate with a remote server to further infect your computer. Just ascertain that if you do this, to the first download and update anything cognate to the antivirus program, and then disconnect the drive during the duration of the virus scan.

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